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4 Must-Needs That Make Your Logo POP!

Logo Design | INNORHINO
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While we’re diving into the colorful world of branding and design, a logo is like the face of your brand. But, it is not the only thing you need to keep your eye on. Yes, you need more than JUST A LOGO. You need a solid visual identity system (VIS) to level up your marketing game. Your brand’s visual identity is like a mixtape of visual goodies, and each element plays a unique part in creating a powerful first impression.

1. Color: Let's Get Emotional

Logo Design - Color | INNORHINO

Picture this: You’re strolling through a store, and a bottle of orange juice catches your eye. What’s the first thing you notice? Colors, right? Colors are like the mood rings of branding – they convey feelings, vibes, and personality. That’s why you need a solid color palette in your arsenal. Each color should be hand-picked to represent your brand’s soul and build an emotional connection with your peeps. Consistency in color usage is like a secret handshake between you and your audience. When they spot your signature colors, they know it’s you, just like spotting your BFF in a crowd.

2. Typography: The Narrator of Your Brand

Logo Design - Typography | INNORHINO

Typography might not be as flashy as colors, but it’s like the voice of your brand. The fonts you choose have a big say in your brand’s personality. Are you all about the modern and sleek look like Anderson Cooper, or are you leaning into the calm and classy vibes like Morgan Freeman? Your typefaces should tell your audience what’s cooking with your brand. From headlines to fine print, a standard typography system keeps your brand’s voice consistent across the board.

3. Imagery: Beyond the Logo's Sidekicks

Logo Design - Imagery | INNORHINO

While your logo takes center stage, it can’t do all the heavy lifting. This is where secondary visual imagery comes into play, like photos, illustrations, or typographic design. These are the pals that hang out with your logo, telling the world your brand’s story visually. Your choice of visuals should jive with your brand’s message and values, creating a richer brand image. They’re like the supporting actors who make your brand’s story a blockbuster hit.

4. Visual Guideline: The Smartest Design BFF

Logo Design - Visual Guideline | INNORHINO

In a world where your brand plays on various stages, it’s easy to go off-script. This is where the visual guideline steps in. They’re like that trusty friend who keeps an eye on your brand’s outfits to make sure you stay on point. These guidelines act as a visual mentor, helping your team use brand elements properly and maintain the brand’s cool factor across different platforms and materials.

So, here’s the deal: a logo is super important, but it’s just the beginning of your brand’s wild adventure. To make a lasting impression, build trust, and let your brand’s freak flag fly, you need more than just a logo. You need a visual identity system with color, type, imagery, and application guidelines that’ll keep things real and consistent. Your brand is more than a logo; it’s like a mixtape of visual and verbal elements that tells your story and makes people go, “Yep, that’s my jam.” So, invest in a full-blown visual identity system, and watch your brand become the life of the party in your audience’s hearts and minds. 😄🚀

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This article is written by: Sharon Y. Yu – INNORHINO Design Team
Image source: INNORHINO, Unsplash, Pexels

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