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Not sure where to start? We’ll take you through step-by-step, from conception, development to delivery. 


We specialize in all kinds of custom packaging. From boxes, bags, containers, to labels, we can custom-produce your packaging right away once we receive the correct design file from you. 

Our clients come from various industries, such as cannabis, tattoo supply, cosmetics and skin care, luxury and jewelry, liquor and beverage, ready-to-go food takeaway packaging, fragrance/ aroma/ perfume, holiday-and-event promotion, and more. We also have patented CR packaging and a self-developed anti-counterfeit system to level up your packaging and brand value. 

INNORHINO Eco-friendly Packaging Series

Yes, we are specialized in all sorts of custom printing, coating, and finishing for packaging. We can print your artwork/ design on the packaging for your brand.

Sure! All of our packaging products are highly customizable. From the main material (paper, plastic, metal, etc), color ink, coating, surface treatment, to small accessories like ribbon or stickers, we can source them out and find the most suitable solution for you. 

You will receive photos/ videos of the digital sample for proofing. We can also send the actual digital sample to you for structure inspection and testing.

* The shipping fee for digital samples is not covered.

We are picky! The quality of our packaging products is our first priority. The packaging we make not only represents INNORHINO’s capability, but more importantly, it contains our clients’ products, brand names, and reputations. We view our clients’ success the most, and we don’t want to fail our clients with unthoughtful packaging solutions. 

Our price might not be the lowest on the market, but we can make sure that your packaging is in good hands with INNORHINO. 

Packaging increases sales volume

Artwork files in editable format like AI, EPS, or PSD with a minimum of 300 dpi.

We have an experienced in-house design team who can work on your file efficiently and lay out the artwork for FREE (once the order is secured). We will send the final layouts for sampling/ production to you for approval.

CMYK color is CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW & BLACK colors. CMYK printing is also known as 4-color printing. Each color is printed from a separate plate in layers to create a combination of colors to mimic the visual presentation of your design. 

PMS, on the other hand, stands for Pantone Matching System. PMS also known as special colors, PMS colors are assigned specific codes for ink mixing. A palette of fourteen basic colors is used to mix inks according to the formulas. These special colors can be used when you need any specific shade to be printed on the boxes.

UV Coating is a method to protect your design and make it glossy on the whole surface.

On the other hand, Spot UV is usually used to highlight a specific area of a logo or artwork. Learn more about Spot UV:

Please, please, please make sure that your designer chooses CMYK mode when he or she starts your packaging project for prints.

There are two common color modes, RGB and CMYK, on most design software. Generally speaking, RGB is for screen viewing only, and CMYK is for printing purposes.

If your packaging is designed digitally in RGB color mode, the colors would look duller when it is printed out. There will be a discrepancy between the design file and the final printed packaging.

If you want to learn more about the differences between RGB and CMYK, please check our post or the video below for more information:

Yes, we encourage our clients to include a sample proofing phase when they make an order. Having a digital sample for proofing before mass production is crucial. It can minimize the risk of getting a bulk of unsatisfied or wrong packaging later.

There will be some sample fees at this phase. Yet, having a sample proofed can actually reduce possible packaging and/or business mistakes which might cost you more in the longer run: production cost, logistic cost, brand image, customer satisfaction, etc.  

We also offer free paper samples for you to check the quality, but we do not cover the shipping cost.

If you want to learn more about sampling, please check this post. 

Once we receive the correct design file and sample fee from you, we will start to make digital sample/s of your packaging. It usually takes about 10-15 days to produce your first sample.  

After you approve the sampling packaging, we will move on to the next step — mass production. It usually takes about 30-45 working days to mass produce your packaging. 

Please keep in mind that the actual sample time and production lead time depend on various aspects, such as the complexity of the design, the structure of the packaging, sourcing for special material, finishing treatments, and so on. You are always welcome to check on your order with our packaging experts.

Yes, about 95% of our clients are located in North America, and we have provided services to clients in UK, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Peru, Togo, Nigeria, and more! We can ship your packaging from our factories in China to your designated destination.

If you are a detail-oriented packaging buyer, worry not! You can always rely on INNORHINO’s packaging experts

We are confident in the quality of our packaging product. Our quality control team will inspect various aspects of your packaging. We also provide photos and video at each stage for proofing before mass production to minimize possible errors.

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With more than 1000+ products to choose from, our team of in-house designers and experts can help you create solutions that bring unique experiences to your users, build brand loyalty and promote your products. 
Please fill up the inquiry form below and tell us more about your brand, your products, and the goals you want to achieve. Or you can contact us through email at
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Luxury Cannabis Solution Pack


With more than 1000+ products to choose from, our team of in-house designers and experts can help you create solutions that bring unique experiences to your users, build brand loyalty and promote your products. 
Please fill out the request form below and we will send our luxury packaging pack selection for cannabis to you soon!