Bag Packaging

We provide mylar bags, paper bags, and biodegradable plastic bags for various contents, such as food, drink, non-perishable goods, retail products, and even for promotional events. 

Glass, metal, and plastic containers come in variable sizes and are suitable for product storage like food, drinks & alcohol, essential oil, cosmetics, and etc.

Finding an effective way to protect and ship your product? Packaging with a solid corrugated structure will ensure your products remain safe on the road and in storage. 

Easy to assemble, transform, and carry around. With your custom print on it, our folding carton packaging will give your brand awareness a huge boost. 

The layered and firm structure offers an excellent mix of production and perceived luxury. Make your products fancy and bougie with custom rigid boxes!!

Our newly open product line can help you grow your brand’s width, and make your product’s packaging more creative.

With a variety of stickers and labels, we provide different printing methods accordingly to give your product a new look.

We provide all kinds of food packaging, such as cold drink cups, takeaway containers, salad bowls, hot deli bags, fresh product bags, etc. Materials: rPET, PP, and more.

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who we are

We are more than just packaging

At INNORHINO, our word is our bond. We pride ourselves on the excellent reputation and long-lasting relationships we have with our clients and suppliers.

Located in Taiwan & China, we are a custom packaging supplier offering one-stop packaging solutions that drive success and empower growth to our clients around the world; through our commitment to understanding the needs of our clients and understanding how their businesses operate at a deeper level.

From custom packaging manufacturing, printing and finishing, inserts and fulfillment, to sustainable suggestions and solutions, our goal is to help businesses convey their brand story and image to their target audiences.

our Values


We are not looking for customers but more like business partners. With all the knowledge and resources we have, we want to do our best to help you and achieve success with you!


With 10+ years in the custom packaging industry, we provide the best technical suggestions for your brand’s packaging so that you can create impressive packaging designs for your products.


Our words are our bonds with our clients. The pronunciation of “INNO” means “keeping promises” in Mandarin. It’s in our blood. Our pledges are not only important to you but also us. We will do everything to keep our words.

GLOBAL Shipping

door-to-door Shipping

For your convenience, we offer door-to-door shipping by ocean or air with tracking, through all major delivery services. Delivery time and cost is a combination of turnaround and shipping methods. Duty and taxes will be included in your quote, which is available upon request. 

Our Clients

Our awesome clients

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2021-07-19 11:19
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This is perfect! It's exactly what I pictured. Let's move forward. 🙂 Thank you so much!
2021-06-09 09:50
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Wow, that's great! I really appreciate how much information and how great you are with your deadlines
2021-05-23 09:45
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Amazing! The render looks great.
2021-05-07 09:27
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Yes, that info for the liner is helpful, that's what I thought it was. Perfect, thank you.
2021-04-12 12:17
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Thank you Joyce, this sounds very promising!
2021-07-19 10:17
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Yes it looks very high end and sleek
2021-06-09 09:56
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I'm happy with your 1st order I am.
2021-05-06 22:12
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Thank you for explaining the process, this makes sense to me. I'll let you know if our product designers have any questions!
2021-06-09 11:27
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Oh wow! Thank you for being so organized!
2021-07-19 11:17
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I love the box for this one! It has taken a lot of revisions, but very cute!
2021-06-09 09:50
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Perfect, I just paid it!
2021-04-21 15:47
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Perfect thank you for keeping me informed of the agapes of realization I count on you because I start with 10,000 pcs but I plan 100,000 see more after. <2en>
2021-06-08 15:00
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Thank you, yes we will work together. I have many projects.
2021-07-31 10:45
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We really appreciate that you negotiated that price for us. Let's get it ordered!


With more than 1000+ products to choose from, our team of in-house designers and experts can help you create solutions that bring unique experiences to your users, build brand loyalty and promote your products. 
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Luxury Cannabis Solution Pack


With more than 1000+ products to choose from, our team of in-house designers and experts can help you create solutions that bring unique experiences to your users, build brand loyalty and promote your products. 
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